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Jeremy Williams
WLSA Fudan International Course Academic Director
We choose “Amazing China” recruitment fair because Teachdeme has a very strong influence. We can find the best education talents in China here.
Haitao Yong
Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, HRD
Teachdeme actively promote exchanges between schools and foreign teachers, we will continue to come here next year to find excellent teachers who meet the requirements for our school.
Guanwen Pan
Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School ,Foreign Affairs Director
Teachdeme is a very efficient organization and recruitment process arrangement. This is our second time to participate in the Amazing China Job Fair. It has also achieved very good results in Shenzhen.
Dan Ritco
Menaul Qingdao School, Principal
This is a very professional recruitment platform. No matter the quality of talents or the efficiency of recruitment, it is China's first-class. Next year, we will participate in more cities in China.
Adam Flower
SUIS JKGB, Vice Principal
This is the third time that our SUIS Group has participated in the Amazing China Job Fair. Teachdeme is already a very important partner of SUIS Group.
Jenny Duan
LUC Education Group, CEO
Here, you can achieve face-to-face communication between the school and the education talents, which is very helpful for finding the outstanding talents who are truly satisfied.
Bo Cen
HD School, HR
We have participated four times in Amazing China job fairs event, and we have recruited good quality teachers. It is also a good platform for corporate employer brands.
Learning Leader, Academic Director
Our Learning Leader is very satisfied with the cooperation with Teachdeme